Dedicated Servers – Linux – CentOS7 Latest

Fast Dedicated Servers LOCATION: SYDNEY CPU: E3-1220 V3 CORES: 4 MEMORY: 16GB DATA: 5TB STORAGE: 2 X 1TB (SATA)

Your Dedicated Server is ready to go, and will be provisioned same day. 

Skybridge Domains - CentOS



Ideal and perfect for website hosting with apache, exim email pop3, smtp email servers, ftp servers, cPanel web servers.  


Operating System Linux
Version CentOS 7 Latest
Location Sydney
Hostname Will be automatically generated for you
CPU E3-1225 V2
Memory 16GB
Primary Storage 2 x 500GB (SATA) RAID 1
Bandwidth 5TB

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Buy Now from $199.95/month AUD + GST.