Need to Upgrade Your Phone System? Get a Skype Consultation Online!

Need to Upgrade Your Phone System? Get a Skype Consultation Online!

Check out the latest range in IP phones

Need to Upgrade Your Phone System? Get a Skype Consultation Online!

Everyone needs to switch to Net Phone but people lack knowledge and consider voice over IP or net phone a massive learning curve and is too much of a challenge to get it switched over to digitally enhanced net phone.

Analogue is no more.

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Did you know that analogue phones is no more in Australia? If you have a broadband internet connection with the NBN then there myriad of IP telecom phone options out there and internet service providers will try and sell you just about anything, including the kitchen sink to get you to their system.  Truth is, many of this is hype and overrated and most people only need certain aspects of a particular system or plan, they don’t need an entire phone system and quite often just the one or two IP phone lines installed and configured to ring in their house or business.  Sometimes, customers want one phone number to ring on one phone and another phone number to ring on another phone but on the IP phones are at the same address, complete with caller ID and professional voicemail to email setups.

Get a good NBN service provider, net phone online and good router, these are critical aspects of your network and should be the best of the best when dealing with Voice Networks Over Data.

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It’s not a difficult task although it may seem challenging and a big learning curve at first but the task is quite easy if the foundations for your network is solid, robust and reliable, complete with redundancy of some sort.

It takes quite literally a few seconds to configure your IP phone to make it ring to wherever you want as long as you got a stable NBN broadband internet connection then you can  make and receive phone calls to landlines and mobiles in Australia and worldwide.  You can do the same setup on other IP phones.

David Gawler recommends Gigaset, Snom or Grandstream IP phones because the IP phones are proven, tried and tested for the real world.

IP phones are digitally enhanced over analogue phones because they carry your voice in digital and electronically stored format and sounds clearer.  As long as your internet is reliable and does not drop out.  Your IP phone is far superior than your regular analogue phone.  Analogue Phones are slowly being phased out in Australia.



Netphone Online is a world-class Net Phone.  David Gawler is one of the best IP phone researchers in the world and can implement your net phone and IP phone installation to your company, business, enterprise or home with little ease, and importantly your exact needs without massive overheads.     

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If you are ever confused about getting an IP phone installed for your business or home then try our consultation service.  You’ll get the right IP phone configuration service for the right and affordable price.

Be sure to contact David Gawler, IP phone engineer to make a specialist IP introduction time for your specific needs. 

Buy Your Next Local Phone Number with Netphone Online, Switch Now.

From a specific 1 IP phone installation over your broadband internet connection to thousands in a global configuration, David Gawler can install, manage and configure your enterprises IP phones remotely, onsite or securely via remote desktop RDP.

We’ll hunt around for the best possible services with our partners locally and globally for you and we’ll do all leg work for you.

Specialist Skype Consultation Fee Cost $250 per hour, implement the best and most productive IP phone system in your home or business, easy and efficiently. 

New Phone Number with Gigaset IP Phone & NBN

Get started with the best of the best leaders in delivering IP phones to your smart phone or desktop PC,  Apple Mac.

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Connect to David Gawler on Skype for a Consultation with your phone system upgrade.  live:david.gawler_2

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