Netphone Number with Gigaset IP Phones in Australia

Netphone Number with Gigaset IP Phones in Australia.

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IP telephony: How to benefit from the new technology

he future of the telephone network is called IP (Internet Protocol). With Internet telephony — also known as Voice over IP (VoIP) — calls are no longer transferred through the telephone line, but as digital data over the Internet via the router. Almost all fixed line providers are converting their connections to IP. One of the reasons for this is that IP-based connections are readily compatible with expansion plans for high-speed Internet access. The new IP technology also brings advantages to users. We show you how you can benefit from IP telephony.

Excellent HD sound with IP telephony

One key benefit for users of IP telephony is HD-Voice. The person you are speaking to sounds much more natural and can be understood more easily; this clarity is obvious when dictating numbers or names. A larger frequency range is transmitted, making this possible. However, a prerequisite of HD-Voice is that the phones on both sides of the connection must be equipped for broadband telephony.

IP telephony allows parallel calls and multiple numbers

Depending on the model of your phone, VoIP gives users the option of using multiple numbers per connection. For example, parents and children can make calls in parallel or hold telephone conferences – as long as their provider supports this feature. However, most routers are, in fact, already equipped for IP. You have an integrated base station with which you can easily register your cordless phone.

Making the most out of IP telephony with modern phones

You benefit most of all from the advantages of IP telephony by using modern phones. When you acquire a new handset, make sure it uses the CAT-iq standard, which enables HD-Voice, advanced power saving and eco modes as well as encryption on the wireless link to prevent eavesdropping by third parties. In addition, modern phones with VoIP client enable smartphone phonebook entries to be transferred. The new Gigaset HX universal handsets were especially developed for use with VoIP routers and are the perfect solution.

It all starts with Netphone and Getting a hardware cordless IP phone with your Netphone Account and Netphone Number is Easy, Netphone simply plugs and plays.  Netphone takes 2 seconds to configure and your up and running within an instant.

Gigaset SL450HX

Perfect from every angle.

  • Direct connection to your router with integrated DECT base (with or with out CAT-iq)
  • With aluminium frame
  • Large TFT colour display (2.4″)
  • An extra large address book for up to 500 contacts (vCard) with 3 telephone numbers each
  • Excellent acoustics with audio profiles that can be set quickly using function keys
  • Bluetooth® 2.0 and micro USB for data synchronisation with the PC


A perfect telephone is the sum of perfect parts.

With the Gigaset SL450, we aimed to design a telephone that sets new standards in every respect. The fact that the expert jury of the renowned ‘Plus X Awards’ voted it ‘Best Product of the Year 2015’ is proof: The SL450 is quite simply the perfect telephone. Discover it for yourself!

The Gigaset SL450 has everything a perfect telephone needs:

High quality materials.
The superbly crafted aluminium casing is luxurious to hold and behold. Thanks to its minutely devised shape and surfaces, the telephone rests perfectly in the palm of your hand. Even the keypad with its precise pressure points reflects the care and attention with which the Gigaset SL450 was designed. Truly sublime.

Large TFT colour display.
It’s hard to believe that such a compact telephone can incorporate such a large display. A feat made possible only by allowing the screen to fully exploit the size of the telephone. Go ahead, enjoy the clearly arranged user interface and striking colours! After all, they’re every bit as impressive as the design of the telephone itself.

Extensive address book.
With space for 500 entries – each with three telephone numbers – the address book can cope with even the largest circle of friends or relatives; while the automatic birthday reminder is an ingenious little helper when it comes to remembering your contacts’ birthdays. Also, by activating the VIP call function, you may give priority to special callers. Simply clever.

So many ways to get connected.
You would like to connect the Gigaset SL450 to your computer or headset? That’s quickly and easily done – via micro USB or Bluetooth. Thinking about getting the Gigaset SL450A GO? With this telephone you’re ready today for the telephone trends of tomorrow. Whether you have an analogue network or IP-based connection –you’ll be prepared for anything. Another option is the new Gigaset SL450HX: This universal handset can be connected directly to your router with integrated DECT base (with or with out CAT-iq) – allowing you to make IP-based telephone calls with the quality you’re used to.


Yes, you heard right.  Netphone works over a high quality HD cordless IP phone.


Netphone Number Gigaset Skybridge Domains