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Works with any internet service provider – highly recommended to use with fiber optics, FTTN, FTTP (FIBER TO THE NODE, FIBER TO THE PREMISES).

Netphone Online has been re-imaging the telecommunications for decades and has finally come to a fully-fledged and high-tech telecommunications service based on VoIP Netphone Online.

Most people use Netphone Online with the Bria Mobile App to make and receive phone calls to landlines and mobiles worldwide, ATAs or IP Phones.

There is a myriad way of connecting VoIP Netphone Online system to your network but we find simple is the best and highly recommended.  If you got a reliable internet connection with reasonable network speeds then you will be able to use netphone online VoIP just fine.

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People often ask me.  What is VoIP? And how do I connect?  VoIP stands for Voice Over IP Protocol and connects over your broadband internet connections, regardless, of the connection type.

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