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Great voip service provider with Skybridge Domains (Netphone Online).

Internet Phone

Great voip service provider with awesome call quality. We are certainly looking forward to do more business in future. Keep up the good work !

5-star review

Small business but abundance of capabilities
I have been using their services and very happy with them.

Grace Gawler Institute – Review

Skybridge VOIP phone on Bria for ipad and laptop
Currently travelling in Japan. My VOIP phone on Bria ( on ipad and laptop) has performed brilliantly. Calls back home and around the world plus local Japan. All you need is adequate wifi. Hired a portable wifi at Tokyo airport – so had VOIP everywhere including on bullet trains. Getting SIM cards working in some countries is a nightmare & a hassle at airports getting right SIM….For travellers I would recommend a Skybridge VOIP install while in home country – so you are ready to go when you arrive at your destination. I have been trialling Skybridge VOIP and I am sold! As for the sound – High definition sound is amazing on the VOIP. Very happy.