Why Net Phone?

Net Phone is not a new concept nor a new idea.

Net Phone has been around since the 1960s but the problem has been the infrastructure behind the scenes not been fast enough nor the knowledge has not been available to get it working correctly and with good quality audio.  Net Phone requires alot more speed, stability and reliability so you don’t need a slow connection with net phone.

Since almost every business to every home consumer has some sort of ultra high speed broadband internet connection like NBN, Cable Internet, 4G, 5G, WIFI connectivity.

Most people who have experienced net phone in the past has said net phone has worked fine but call quality has been terrible, this is largely due to people running so many different applications on one slow network internet connection.

If you only ever run 1 voice application like net phone on a broadband internet connection then you probably would experience better call quality, although it’s not perfect, you would get better call quality.  Nowadays, thanks to billions of dollars that internet service providers have spend in their own countries upgrading their broadband services to something that can ultimately withstand voice over IP and ultimately, Net Phone.

Net Phone is better quality nowadays thanks to this and digitally enhanced codecs that this ensures a success rate of about 100% when implemented and setup correctly. If you have a good quality internet service provider, net phone broadband router that’s entry level to high end, a good quality router brand name.  (a $50 hardware modem/router is not going to do it).   Net Phone installations done correctly will make sure you have a high quality broadband internet connection.

People also have no time nor patience to drag a new analogue phone line half way up a new multi story apartment building, especially when most of the time the new apartment building is wired anyway with new broadband cable. in Australia, that’s NBN.

NBN is the fastest and most reliable internet connection available if setup correctly.  NBN connections start with your NBN Internet service provider.  Typically, your router that your ISP provides you is not good enough and you need to go out on your own and buy a brand new router for your internet to connect to.

Skybridge Domains NBN recommends LINKSYS 1200 WRT routers for the robust, reliable and clarity of high end quality.  All you need to get started is the following.

Any NBN service provider plan

  1. Skybridge Domains NBN
  2. LINKSYS 1200 WRT AC
  3. Gigaset, Grandstream or Snom IP Phone (but any modern IP phone will work)
  4. Some basic knowledge of broadband and voice networks

NBN has had a bad reputation for slow speeds but this has quite often not been NBN itself and infact poor installations of NBN related hardware like the $50 router that your ISP typically gives you.

In most cases, this is not going to do and we recommend all people who are serious about getting the best and most out of NBN is getting a brand new router worth about $200-400. 

It might sound like a lot but its a small price to pay for peace of mind and knowing everything is going to work correctly.

Netphone is a world-class phone system now and is reliable.